GSX Respray

After allowing my bike to fall over, I decided it was a bit beyoond a touchup and decided to do a full respray.

Inspired by the Gulf GT40 colour scheme from the 60s.

Oak finish PC Monitor


My wonderful girlfriend Mia was given a broken PC monitor from a computer fair in London. The casing was broken up, one speaker didn’t work and there was no power supply.

Having some free time I took it upon myself to, model the general dimensions in Solidworks and design a wall mounted casing for the Guts, see below.

CAD Concept Drawings


After the initial concept I though of the Idea of creating a removable stand it could be used on a desk as a normal monitor. To do this I re-engineered the lower air Vent/cable entry on the bottom and added a simple stand.

Finished Article

Not quite done yet, needs the corners rounding, a little polish and varnish.


Welcolme to my online portfolio

I Graduated from Brunel University with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics Hon in 2006

Since then I have worked as Technology Commercialisation Consultant in Particle Physics.
As a Sales Executive for a Japanese Lens manufacturer in Germany (Moritex).
And as an Application Engineer for a German Lens Manufacturer (Schott Glass).
I then moved into Industrial Design Designing showers, Boilers and extractor fans for RXG and Bosch
I am currently designing automation systems for Microscopy full time in Cambridge.

I’m available for Freelance work as long as there is no conflict of interest.

If you are interested in working with me please get in contact and I’ll send you a full CV.